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Sedation Dentistry

In our office, we want each patient to have the best overall experience. Many patients prefer sedation during oral surgery to help them feel completely comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire visit. We offer two types of sedation – general anesthesia and IV sedation. Depending on your needs, your doctor will recommend the best type …

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Oral Pathology

Normally the inside of the mouth is coated with a smooth special kind of skin, called mucosa. This lining inside your mouth is normally a coral pink color. If you ever see this color change, it could be a sign of a pathological process. Oral cancer is one of the most serious types of pathological …

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Emergency Surgery

If you find yourself, or a loved one, in need of emergency oral surgery in Exeter, NH, we can help! No matter your emergency, give our team a call. One of our team members will discuss your needs and schedule an emergency visit for surgery. We can answer questions over the phone and help you …

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Distraction Osteogenesis

With the help of modern technology and advanced research, distraction osteogenesis is available to treat oral and facial defects. These methods are safe and effective, as well as proven. In our office, we only use treatment that has shown both safe and predictable results. With distraction osteogenesis, we can treat certain oral and facial skeletal …

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Dental Implants

One of the best ways to restore your smile is through dental implants. Dental implants can replace one tooth or several teeth, depending on your needs. If you are looking for a lasting, durable solution for your smile, call today to schedule a consultation for dental implants. We can examine your smile, go over your …

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Cleft Lip & Palate

Our team of doctors combines their years of experience and training to provide the best possible experience for every patient. We offer both cleft lip and cleft palate treatment in Exeter, NH. If your child is in need of treatment, call our team today to schedule your consultation. Cleft Lip When a baby is developing …

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Surgical Instructions

If you are in need of instructional care before or after surgery, please see the following information. If you have any additional questions, we’re here to help! Our team is happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Instructions Before Anesthesia Do not eat or drink anything (including water) for eight …

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Referral Form

Our team at NHOMS are proud of the relationships we have made over the years with referring dental practices, and are eager to continue to partner with you and your practice to better serve the people of our community. If your goal is to provide patients with a wonderful experience and exceptional care, we would …

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New Patient Forms

Welcome to our office! Please fill out the following New Patient Forms and submit them to our office before your first visit. This will save you time when you arrive. If you have any questions, let us know! New Patient Forms

Financing & Insurance

In our office, we strive to give each patient both high-quality care and the most affordable options for their dental needs. We have several payment plans and our finance team can walk you through the best options for your upcoming treatment. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Finance We accept all major …

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