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Implant 1-2-3 System

We have a unique dental implant process that allows us to guide you through the entire procedure from preparation, to surgery, to restoration all in one place.

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Dental emergencies deserve immediate attention, and we at NHOMS will always make time to help you in your time of need. Call us any time when you need oral surgery help!


Oral surgeries are a big deal and you deserve transparent communication every step of the way. We’ll never leave you wondering “what’s next?” and will follow up after your care.


Wisdom Teeth

If you, or one of your children, are beginning to experience problems with wisdom teeth, it’s a good idea to have your mouth evaluated. An evaluation with our oral surgeons will ensure that you have enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in properly. Many times, patients need to have one or more wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth can begin to erupt anytime between your early teen years and early twenties. However, you may not have any issues with wisdom teeth eruption until your thirties. No matter your age, if you have wisdom teeth that are beginning to grow or offering complications, we recommend that you visit our office to make sure that your smile won’t be affected as your new teeth erupt. If you are experiencing pain from wisdom teeth eruption, we can help. If you have questions about wisdom tooth removal in Nashua, NH, call our team today!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our team has much experience in wisdom tooth removal. Removing one or more of your wisdom teeth can benefit your smile greatly and help you avoid pain, discomfort or damage to your other teeth. There are several reasons why at least one of your wisdom teeth may need to be removed. A consultation with one of our oral surgeons can answer all of your questions and give you an understanding of the condition of your wisdom teeth and any recommendations we have for your smile. If you have any questions concerning your wisdom teeth, give us a call to schedule your consultation today! Reasons for extracting wisdom teeth include:


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